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Life-Style Change Retreat hosted by Ersin Pamuksüzer (24 September - 14 October)

We will walk  together through a journey where  you will rewire yourself for a healthier life style.. Everyone of us  willl have our own pace,  there will be no single formula. During this 3 week retreat we will experience different versions of a healthier life style patterns.

By the end of this 3 week program we hope to help you have a new lifestyle routine in place and the steps needed to be living this routine. The main areas we are going to cover are Nutrition, Environment, Mental Wellness, and Flexibility. This process is a journey not a destination.

  • Soothing Environment
  • Pleasant Weather
  • Escape from City Life
  • 15 Years of Experience
  • Wide Spectrum of Activities
  • Variety of Raw Food Options
  • Disease Management
  • Easy Transportation

Joining this 3 week retreat will be a good and necessary step for establishing a new life style, however for the ones who can not take such a long brake we encourage partial participation for a week or two. Even extended weekend visitors are welcome to experience some parts of the program. Apply below to get the retreat details

Apply For a Spot and Get Detailed Retreat Information

The Following are Included in the Retreat

  • Accommodation
  • Daily Nutrition (meals, juices, pills)
  • Doctor Consultation (15 min)
  • Body Composition Analysis x 2
  • Unlimited Spa Use
  • Daily Biophoton Therapy (25 min)
  • Yoga / Meditation Group Sessions
  • Unlimited Use of Pools and Gym
  • Daily Use of Colon Cleansing
  • 'Lifestyle Change' Speech Session

Center Facilities you can benefit from

  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Outdoor Pool
  • Hire A Bike
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Meditation Sessions
  • Raw Vegan Cuisine
  • Private Beach
  • Book and DVD Collection
  • Daily Movie Screenings

Schedule of The Life-Style Change Retreat

3 Weeks are recommended but you can apply for 1 week as well

The retreat has a different focus every week. The meal plans will be Green Salad Detox, Master Detox and Ketogenic Healthy Nutrition plan. 1st week will be about general life-style issues, 2nd week will focus on mental wellness and the 3rd week will focus on our phsical body and flexibility. Attendance to all 3 weeks are recommended but if your time is limited you may attend for as long as you wish. 

Lecture and Workshop Subjects to be Covered

  • Painting 21st Century Picture and “Now You”
  • Mind, Body, Spirit Connection
  • Psychology of Eating
  • Essential Nutrients Discussion
  • 7 Stages of Disease
  • Understanding the Modern Medicine 
  • Enzymes, Importance of Chewing
  • Intro to Master Detox

  • 80/20 Life-Style
  • Life Quality List: Stress, Energy, Habits, Values
  • Morning Routine: Exercises and Supplements
  • During a Day LifeList
  • Epigenetic and Prevention Techniques
  • Golden Rules for a Healthy Life
  • Toxic Cleaning Products and Healthy Alternatives
  • 21. century and Mindfulness


  • Resistance and Radical Acceptance
  • Emotions and Regulation Techniques
  • Distress Tolerance
  • Assertiveness
  • Self Compassion+ Gratitude
  • Body& Mind Awareness
  • Judgement& Though Defusion
  • Radical Acceptance Practice

*The lecture and workshop topics are subject to change. The following meal plans will be applied by the retreat group but individuals may try different programs. 

Week 1 - Green Salad Detox
08:00 Green Bliss or Immune Boost
08:00 Morning Walk
09:30 Alkalize + Wheatgrass Juice + Kelp&Nettle
09:30 Yoga & Meditation
11:30 Morning Lecture
12:30 Green Salad
14:30 Doctor Consultation
15:30 Alkalize + Wheatgrass Juice + Kelp&Nettle
16:00 Afternoon Lecture
17:00 PH 10 Water
18:30 Green Salad + Digestive Enzymes
19:00 Movie
20:00 Alkalize + Probiotics
Week 2 - Master Detox
08:00 Shake + Morning Walk
09:30 Herbs + Wheatgrass Juice
09:30 Yoga & Meditation
11:00 Shake
11:30 Morning Lecture
12:30 Herbs
14:00 Shake
15:30 Herbs + Wheatgrass Juice
16:00 Afternoon Lecture
17:00 Shake
18:30 Herbs
20:00 Shake + Movie
21:30 Herbs + Probiotics
Week 3 - Ketogenic Nutrition
08:00 Measurement of Blood Sugar and Ketons
08:00 Morning Walk
09:30 Ketogenic Breakfast
09:30 Yoga & Meditation
11:30 Holistic Exercises
12:30 Ketogenic Lunch + Digestive Enzymes
14:00 PH 10 Water
15:30 Snacks
16:00 Yoga & Fitness
17:00 PH 10 Water
18:00 Ketogenic Dinner + Digestive Enzymes
20:00 Mindful Meditation
21:00 Probiotics

Retreat Prices for a Limited-Time Only

Occupancy 21 Day Full RetreatWeekly AttendanceDaily Attendance
Single4935 € (5920 €)1810 € (1974 €)282 €
Double8820 € (10580 €)3234 € (3528 €)504 €

Apply For a Spot and Get Detailed Retreat Information

Who is Ersin Pamuksüzer?

Ersin Pamuksüzer, is the Chairman and The Head of the Basaksehir Living-Lab Project and founder of Starterhub . He is also the Founder of theWell-Being companies “The LifeCo” and “SAF” brands. The LifeCo company was formed in 2005 and is providingservices in Well-Being therapies and natural healing, while SAF was formed in 2006 as a vegan restaurant and isproviding healthy and nutrional food through its restaurants in Istanbul and London as well as retail products andtake-away food channels. Both companies have international reputation with more than 60% of its customers fromvarious parts of the world with a majority from Europe.


Ersin Pamuksüzer started his career in Ericsson Telecommunications company in Sweden in 1981 and was theGeneral Manager of Ericsson Turkey for long years. He stopped his Ericssson career in 2002 and moved into theWell-Being sector. During the Ericsson Turkey period he initiated the formation of Turkey’s first GSM Operators and anumber of other ICT companies in the region, Turkcell in 1993 and has been a Board Member of Turkcell andTurkcell’s International operations until 2006. Turkcell is the leading operator in Turkey and the region and also one ofthe worlds largest and innovative operators. With a deep business mind and long years of experience Ersin has alsobeen initiator, driver or board member of other start-up companies.


Ersin Pamuksüzer has a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Linkoping University, Sweden and MBA degree from Upsalla University, Sweden.

Who is Güliz Altınbaşak?

Güliz Altınbaşak graduated from Bahçeşehir University with a full scholarship from Psychology department. Curently, she is working at The LifeCo Well Being Center as Mental Wellness Program Coordinator and as Program Manager at Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) Turkey Consulting Center. Altınbaşak is providing different training programs including mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal effeciveness skills at The LifeCo Well-Being Center. Previously, Güliz Altınbaşak worked on EMDR and trauma focued projects for 5 years at DBE Institution for Behavioral Studies Adult and Familt Conseling Center. Prior to traumatic populations, Altınbaşak worked on DBE Organizational Development Center as Business Development Specialist. Güliz Altınbaşak managed “Increasing Awareness Level of Parent and Children in Eastern of Turkey” project as Psychologist and Trainer, con- tucted research and provided training in more than ten cities in Turkey. Altinbasak was Country Manager on “Raising Awareness Level and Upgrading Living Conditions of Disadvantages Groups” in Norway, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, and Spain. Altınbaşak worked as Psychologist at Maltepe High Security Prison and Avrupa Şafak Hospital on addiction. Altınbaşak worked with children who are under the risk of commit a crime at TCYOV Foundation. Altınbaşak gave presentations of her own researches on “17. National Psychology Congress” in Istanbul and “VIII Ibero American Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology Congress” in Puerto Rico.

Who is Gabriel Azoulay?

Gabriel was born and raised in Jerusalem, Israel. His mother was born and raised in New York City by a Jamaican father and an Austrian Jewish mother. His father was the first of seven children to be born in Israel, his parents having traveled from Morocco. At the age of seventeen, Gabriel moved to Durham, NC, and at the age of twenty, while at- tending the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a book by Tom Robbins sparked an interest in India’s religious studies. His first book on yoga, checked out from the University library was Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, from there Gabriel embarked on a yogic journey that continues to this day. In 1990, Chapel Hill, NC, the closest any one had heard of Yoga was the word yogurt. Gabriel’s only resource for his new found passion were books, videos and the encourage- ment of a family friend who practiced Tai Chi. Throughout the years he has accumulated and attended various yoga and bodywork trainings, developed and led teacher trainings, supported, collaborated and consulted on the creation of national and international yoga studios and programs. Gabriel spent almost 2 years practicing daily with renowned Astanga teacher, Tim Miller; he lived and practiced in Mysore, India for 6 months, and taught throughout Thailand for 18 months. While in India Gabriel studied with back bending master Vinay Kumar and led regular Astanga workshops and intensives and daily Yin yoga practices out of his home. While in Thailand he was instrumental in developing the first Hot Yoga Teacher Training for Absolute Yoga, Asia’s largest yoga company. In 2004, he set out for Thailand to study with Thai Massage master Pichest Boonthume who became his primary teacher. On his first trip to Mysore, India he practiced and studied with Thai Massage teacher Enzo Coribello. It was during that time that Gabriel was inspired to take his practice in a new direction, which eventually led to the evolution of Thai Yoga; a yoga practice designed for two people, inspired from traditional Thai Massage. This new yogic direction became a reality when Rejuvenation Thai Massage and Yoga Center in Scottsdale, AZ opened in October of 2007. After 12 months, of opera- tion Rejuvenation decided to shift its business direction with the creation of the Edge Body System, a unique system founded on the principles of yoga and Thai Massage that was developed, tested and applied at the Rejuvenation Center for yoga and Thai Massage. Ever the student Gabriel continues to expand his teaching, practice and learning through master teachers, books, the internet and quiet meditation.

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