Scrub and Foam Massage

An ancient Turkish tradition, scrub and foam massage is the most commonly used and effective massage technique to refresh your skin and remove all dead cells. Exfoliation, considered the initial phase of the Turkish bath (hamam) tradition, is used to make the body become more purified and cleansed after an intense perspiration. Exfoliation helps remove all dead cells from the skin’s surface, clear clogged pores and make skin smoother.

Why Try a Scrub and Foam Massage?
Our body system constantly creates new cells and refresh our cells. This rate is higher at younger ages but as we get older, together with our metabolic rate, the rate of regeneration decreases.

When cells are renewed, the dead cells accumulate in the upper layer of our skin. The purpose of scrub and foam massage is to peel of the dead skin layer, so our skin can breathe comfortably and look healthier. If our skin cells are not open, this can cause problems such as acne and wound.

Your skin gets scrubbed to eliminate all dead skin with the help of a natural organic pouch during the scrub and foam massage. On the other hand, the massage is applied to the skin during to increase blood flow and revitalize your skin. The foam massage is done after the exfoliation. During this massage, the whole body is covered with natural and fragrant soap bubbles.

Benefits of Scrub and Foam Massage
It is known that regularly applied scrub and foam massage provides a lot of benefits for your skin and gives it a radiant and healthy look. Scrubbing the whole body helps your skin to breathe and your fed with oxygen.

This treatment helps to prevent stain problem due to sun during summer. It is difficult for our skin to breath during winter as we get dressed thick and closed. The prerequisite for a healthy skin is that skin to breathe easily. This can be achieved by having scrub and foam massage at regular intervals. Skin problems such as acne and inflammation, and problems in the hair follicles can decrease by a good scrub and foam treatment. After scrub and foam massage, you will feel refreshed by your skin’s bright and healthy appearance!