Shiatsu Massage

What is Shiatsu Massage?
Perhaps you have always heard Shiatsu massage, but you probably do not know what it is really! Shiatsu massage is a massage method that is performed with the help of fingers in certain parts of the body. Shiatsu massage, a type of massage of Japan origin, is based on the body’s self-healing and balance philosophy and inspired by ancient Chinese treatment methods and blended with western techniques. Shiatsu means finger pressure in Japanese. Pressure is applied to certain body parts based on the energy flow and the physical structure and balance of the body. The energy flow should be able to circulate in the whole body uninterruptedly. It is believed that the body can heal itself. If blood flow is slow in certain parts and fast in others, the whole body cannot relax or feel energetic. It should be homogenous and that is the way to have a healthy and energetic body.

What are Shiatsu Massage Techniques?
The techniques of Shiatsu massage have enriched over time. The common goal of the techniques created by philosophical approaches or theoretical physical approaches is to make the right touches to the right areas. If you have a healthy body, energy flow is uninterrupted and blood flow can reach anywhere in the whole body in an equal way. With the finger pressure, it is intended to open these obstruction body parts and let the blood and energy flow at the same speed as the whole body.

What are the Benefits of Shiatsu Massage?
The massage styles, which are derived from traditional eastern philosophy, are quite different from Western techniques and approaches. Simultaneous improvement of mind and body is also at the core of Shiatsu massage. The movements made by taking into account the energy flow of the whole body accelerate the circulation system of the body, the blood flow is accelerated as well as the distribution of blood to all parts of the body is aimed. In this way, it is expected that there will be a decrease in pain or complaints, but increase mental relaxation and physical strength. Because, in this energy flow, each organ is also believed to be related to a feeling. However, this does not mean that there are diseases in certain organs, it means there might be a balance problem and an interruption in the flow of energy. The elimination of this imbalance with the help of Shiatsu massage and finger movements leads to a feeling of relaxation and energy in the whole body.

Why Should You Prefer Shiatsu Massage?
Shiatsu massage, which decrease the tension in the muscle tissue and increase the flexibility of the tissue with the finger presses applied to the whole body, accelerate the flow and will relax you immediately. It will make you feel more energetic and mentally more vigorous after the massage. It helps to reduce the complaints such as headache, back pain, neck and shoulder pain or menstrual pain. Technically it is like acupuncture. Because it targets muscle tissue, the finger pressures increase the blood flow and this let the muscle to feed enough.

Since it has an effect on circulation in the capillaries in the soft tissues of the skin, it will have an effect also your skin care by making it more smooth and fresh.