Sound Meditation and Sound Healing with Selda Goodwin

October 31st – November 5th

Selda Goodwin believes that the journey towards healing requires trust and an open mind. That’s why she will create a safe & loving environment for you to metaphorically crack open the heart in order to live a life of truth and equanimity at the highest vibration.

Selda Goodwin’s therapy sessions focused on guided breathing, relaxation techniques and sound healing therapy. These sessions will bring you a continual daily development and will be a great opportunity for you to learn meditation, breathing or yoga techniques suited to your needs.

You can join group sessions:

  • Sound Meditation Therapy
  • Insight Meditation and Sound Healing Therapy

You can have private sessions:

  • Quantum Medicine Light Energy Healing & Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Healing
  • Oracle Card Reading & Spiritual Guidance
  • Indian Head Massage, Quantum Medicine Light Energy Healing & Alchemy Crystal Singing
  • Bowl Sound Healing
  • Practical Meditation, Mantra and Breath-work daily

Selda Goodwin is a holistic yoga, meditation teacher, and spiritual guide. She has spent fifteen years exploring, traveling and studying the benefits of a yoga lifestyle in the modern world. As everything around us appears to be speeding up, Selda believes our bodies and minds are desperately seeking ways in which to slow down. Therefore, her hope is to share with as many people as possible, a realistic approach to a balanced life, through bespoke, holistic yoga, meditation and mindfulness experiences.

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