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Seaweed Body Wrap

Seaweed, same as the sea, hold in many qualities that can be utilized in different temperatures, and used as a body wrap it give a “revitalization therapy” treatment for the skin.

This treatments provides for the body the necessary natural elements and minerals that are needed, allowing them to pass through out the skin easily. They regulate the blood circulation as provides relief to body and soul.

The key part of this therapy is the usage of seaweeds and sea water properties, which help in reduction of cellulite, slimming, detoxifying, regulating blood circulation and digestive system, repearing and bringing beauty to skin.

It is know that human blood plasma and sea water have almost the same composition. When sea water is heated to the body temperature essential elementes called oligo-elements are formed, so the absoption through the skin is much easier. That’s why also this treatment has a relaxing, palliative and pain-relief effect over the muscles.