Swedish Massage

What is Swedish Massage?
It is important to understand the different types of massage before prefer which one you will choose.

Swedish massage is the classical one that comes to mind when people say massage!

The purpose of Swedish massage is to relieve the whole body with various techniques. It is seen as the basis of other types of massage. Western technique is in the foreground. It involves stretching and stroke techniques by applying intense pressure on the muscles. Various aromatherapy and essential oils are used to reduce friction.

With this massage, the nervous system and skin are stimulated. Therefore, blood circulation is increased, muscle tension is reduced for the flexibility. With the palms, body muscles are aimed directly.

What are Swedish Massage Techniques?
The movement of the Effleurage (stroking movement), which we can see in every massage type, is especially applied in the legs. It is aimed to stretch the muscles and reduce the tension. The aim of therapists in kneading (Petrissage) movements is to take pain in muscles and relax the muscles. Stretching and pulling movements with thumbs using the pressure applied to certain points of the body. It is also aimed to accelerate the blood flow and decrease the tension of the problematic area by rhythmic strokes and rhythmic touches. The lightness or hardness of the movements may vary depending on your complaints and the style of the therapist but, your body structure is much more important. The size of the tension in the muscles, changes in your ability to move, pain and pain threshold are the factors that determine the severity of the massage.

What are the benefits of Swedish massage?
Swedish massage is recommended for body aches, especially during tense and stressful periods. The relaxation of the muscles at the end of the massage, the acceleration of the blood flow and the decrease of the tension in various parts of the body are the best treatment for those who having stressful days. Since the Swedish massage targets all the muscles in the body, your whole body will relax and your muscle aches will ease after massage.

Apart from all these, the benefits of Swedish massage are;

  • It accelerates the blood circulation in the body and helps to relax who have passive in daily routine.
  • It has great effect on skin revitalization as it targets muscles and upper tissue.
  • It helps to remove lactic acid and its derivatives from the body easier.
  • As it accelerates the oxygen and energy flow in the body, it has a positive effect on cell renewal.
  • The people who have sleeping problems may have a better sleep after Swedish massage.
  • Reducing the tension in the body helps in alleviating psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression.

Why Should You Prefer Swedish Massage?
The Swedish massage is a massage that will make you feel good and energetic, both physically and mentally. All movements made by targeting muscles are the basis of all massage techniques. Swedish massage may be soft or hard. It depends on your choice.

Swedish massage should be applied by expert therapists such as other therapeutic massages. Therefore, you can feel relieved and energetic after a massage session suitable for your body and needs. If you have complaints such as muscle spasms and cramps, the Swedish massage helps to relieve these pains.

Apart from all these, if you want to just go away from a stressful day, Swedish massage will be the best answer. Your body deserves this attention. You don’t even have a reason to pamper yourself.