Thai Massage

Thai massage works on the theory of intrinsic energy flow and energy balance to promote better health and healing processes. This massage concentrates on the careful application of pressure to distribute energy, release blockages and stretch the muscles, leaving the body relaxed, energetic and free from stiffness. The effect is similar to a yoga work-out which is applied to you by a therapist.

This special massage brings centuries-old knowledge to the present and is enhanced with the support of healing methods from nearby civilizations. It is also known as “passive yoga”. Thai massage is based both on spiritual fundamentals like tranquility, composure, peace, awareness, purification and rejuvenation, and physical fundamentals like relaxation, strengthening, and revitalization. The concept also has an emotional basis, connecting to psychological values such as love, compassion, and respect. The person applying the Thai Massage to the patient experiences the unique feeling of being unified, intimate sharing and giving without expecting anything. It is a whole-body massage without oil. After the patient puts on traditional Thai massage clothing, the massage begins with stretching and pressing movements that relax the body. Because of these stretching movements, it can be also be called “lazy yoga”. Thai Massage is an amazing and colorful combination of acupressure, Shiatsu and yoga principles, which incorporates stretching, pressure, point-pressure, and soft vibrational activities. It is also known as active meditation because it nurtures our heart, energy lines, and the physical body.