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Breathing Therapy

A new breathe to change your life

As to the researches, 90 % of the people use only 30 % of their overall breathing capacities. These restricted breathing habits along with physical and emotional traumas cause blockages in the respiratory system and restrain the adequate intake and circulation of the oxygen necessary for the cellular health.

We lose our physical and emotional health due to our restricted breathing and thinking habits and the blockages in the cellular memory carried from the past to today. A deep and open breath can clean the negative energy hold in all levels of the cellular memory and brings about a mental and emotional transformation. Life energy flows through our body with our breath and leads us to a free life with no boundaries.

With the increased oxygen level right after the breath is opened up and gets balanced;

- It helps our immune system get renewed and strengthened.

- It gives you the chance to live a more healthy and energetic life.

- It aids you to be in a more healthy condition of body-mind-spirit.

- It gives you the chance to be more successful and powerful in all levels.

- It helps you pursue a life of love and understanding.

- It gives way to the mental liberation and helps to raise the awareness.

- It supports you to live a happy and cheerful life.

- It provides you with emotional satisfaction.