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Neurac (neuromuscular activation) is a concept developed by Norwegian physiotherapists.  According to research, muscles and tendons that move extremities like arms and legs can lock themselves from time to time. This causes pain, reduces the quality of movement, and leads to reduced body control.

By using the Redcord methods we stimulate locked muscles to restore normal functionality. For example, it can be used to treat pain and functional problems in the neck, back, waist, knees and shoulders. The pain disappears completely and power is restored to normal.



How is Neurac treatment performed?


First, an experienced physiotherapist examines the patient thoroughly to properly determine the problem. With the Redcord’s Weak-Link test, weak links in the muscle chain from the feet to the hands are found, and the intensity of the treatment is determined.

The exercises are conducted without external weights, using only body weight, and every exercise can be made more difficult in 6-8 steps. Clinical experience shows that pain reduction and improvement in motor function can be seen even after only one session. In 8-10 sessions, serious improvements are seen.

Professional or amateur football, handball, volleyball, and basketball players, ice skaters, bicycle riders and skiers can all benefit from Redcord exercises. For example, the Norwegian skiing team uses Redcord for strength training. It reduces injuries to a minimum in training and in games, and also elevates physical control to higher levels.

It is recommended that you do 10 sessions. After the third or fourth session, you will easily feel a change in the muscles around your spine.