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What is Rectal Ozone Therapy?

Ozone applied rectally is a therapy whose effects are similar to major autohemotherapy. With major autohemotherapy ozone is added to blood outside the Body, and then reinfused into the Body. It is the safest way to introduce ozone to the Body. Its

Rectal Ozone Therapy Benefits

  • Destroying bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and yeast
  • Oxygen metabolism improvement
  • A boost for the Immune System

Similar to water, food or anal suppositories, the ozone molecules are absorbed by the intestinal membranes into the bloodstream and go straight to the liver. Before continuing on to the rest of the Body, the ozone first repairs the liver’s cells, which allows all blood cells that pass through the liver to come in contact with ozone.  During this contact, cells’ antioxidant capacity rapidly increases, toxins are removed and cells’ vitality is improved. If there is hepatitis in the liver, inflammation is reduced, and related to this, enzymes return to normal and the burden from the virus is noticeably reduced. In clinical studies, ozone applied rectally is always included in the treatment plan.

Rectal Ozone Therapy Fights against Cancer

99% of bacteria, fungi, yeast, mold, and viruses are destroyed by ozone within seconds – chlorine is 3000 times less effective?

The application is done in total privacy at our facility, in the most easily tolerated conditions, and can be adminIstered by the patient using a suppository-like catheter, or by the nurse with the patient’s consent. The catheter is smaller than a child’s suppository. The procedure lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and is performed in the most comfortable and secure manner. Pre-dosed, single-use ozone that is suitable for both children and adults is used.

Rectal ozone therapy can definitely be included as part of the treatment for rectal fissures, fIstulas and hemorrhoids, prostate and gynecological illnesses, and metastasis and similar malignancies.