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Awaken Your Body with Heliotheraphy!

Take advantage of one of the easiest and cheapest therapies: Heliotherapy!

The sun transfers renewal energy into the lives of all the livings. Learn the reasons why this free natural energy is good for you.

Sunshine is the source of life on earth. We gain our strength with the natural light, and the life-giving energy of the sun increases our physical and emotional vitality.

Our Friend Sun
We are always told to stay away from the sun. However, it is a vital element for our emotional and physical health. Getting insufficient sunlight puts the immune system and skeletal health in great danger and disturbs the natural sleep patterns. Researches in this field have shown that there is a relation between the low natural light and depression in the winter time. Moreover, it is the insufficient sunlight indoors that tends to invite in diseases rather than too much sunlight.

Boosts Immune
The sun has a powerful effect in boosting the immune system. It stimulates the pituitary gland which is the key gland of our endocrine system producing the hormones that accelerate and strengthen the immune response. Vitamin D which is produced by our body while under the sun helps the white blood cells and the cells in the respiratory tract fight against the bacterias. Vitamin D also helps immune cells move towards the skin so that it directly battles against the damage on the skin area caused by free radicals.

Fight Against Insomnia and Depression
The pineal gland controls the sleep and awakening patterns hiding the melatonin hormone which prepares the body for sleep. A lot of people need more sleep and are more prone to depression in the winter time because of the increasing levels of melatonin production. Sunlight keeps us awake by preventing the melatonin production. Sunlight taken in all day long helps set our biorhythm for a good quality sleep at nights.

Raises Up Energy
A sunny day following a better night’s sleep naturally raises energy levels. For the same reason, people tend to sleep more during the winter, feeling sluggish with the increasing melatonin levels and insufficient sunlight. A walk in the park when the sun rises helps us wake up and make an energetic, happy start to a new day. Even on a cloudy day, this natural sunlight provides us with the power we need to keep on.

Protects Skin
While it helps us fight against the harmful effects of free radicals, the sun also accelerates the production of melanins, which are the brown color pigments of the skin. Studies have shown that that pigment protects the skin against skin cancer. Even white skin people can gradually benefit from pigmentation.

Strengthens Bones
Vitamin D provided by the sun is needed for healthy bones, as well. It accelerates and fixes the absorption process of the calcium in the bones, which we intake out of our nutrition.

Sunscreens block the vitamin D synthesis and all the other benefits of the sun. What’s more, there are toxic chemicals in these commercial products, which penetrates into our skin.

Repairment With the Sun
Sun’s warming lights help get free from fatigue and stress. Its healing warmth penetrates deep into our skin that it stimulates and accelerates all the restorative activities in the body such as tissue repair, nutrient absorption, hormonal synthesis. Additionally, it supports the immune system and increases energy levels.

Take the best out of the sun; yet, be wise. Neglect from standing too long under the sun during the midday heat, so that you’d reduce the risk of sunburn that highly damage your skin. You can minimize the harmful effects of the sun and even get the most benefit out of it by going under the sun before 9 a.m or after 4 p.m.


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