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Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

What are you going to do during the season when everybody wears shorts and swimsuits? How far will you go to hide it?  Yes, we are talking about cellulite that makes many women feel insecure about their appearance. Catch the culprits that make you feel insecure, and get rid of them naturally to regain a soft and smooth skin.

What is Cellulite?
A combination of fat, water and fibrous tissues creates dimples and a ripple effect on the skin, thereby causing an unpleasant appearance. This combination causing dehydration in cells and weakening the cell wall moves upward through the layers of the skin. Fat and water are confined in these fibrous tissues, resulting in orange peel skin. Due to decreased circulation, nutrient transportation to these cells is diminished. Consequently, it is not possible to remove hazardous contaminants from the cells on these areas and this further increases the cellulite problem.

What Causes it?
Genetics plays a minor role in the development of cellulite, yet our diet and our lifestyle seem to have a stronger influence on it. Weak dietary habits lead your body to accumulate fats. Drinking insufficient amount of water, consuming diuretics such as coffee, refreshments and alcohol damages the cell walls and causes the cells to dry out and to lack of water. Not doing sufficient physical exercise as well as not being able to sweat slow the circulatory system down and damage the process by which the body is purified from toxins.

It is possible to get rid of cellulite by simple methods we suggest below:

Renew your dietary habits
Fruit and vegetable-based dietary habits provide nutrients that our body needs to protect itself from dehydration and to regenerate. Raw foods provide the enzymes required for the body to repair and protect the cells from being dehydrated. At the same time, these nutrients containing a high level of water and fibers fix the problem of constipation causing contaminant accumulation in the cells.

Forget Your Old Habits
Animal proteins and refined nutrients contain highly hazardous fat, salt and additive agents resulting in cellulite formation. It is considerably hard for our body to use and eliminate these substances. Remainings of these substances obstruct tissues and circulatory system. Reducing or not consuming these substances will provide the necessary ground for cellulite areas to become healthy and for the skin to become soft again.

Strengthen Your Cell Walls
Nuts and seeds are rich in basic amino acids, fatty acids and phospholipids which help to strengthen the cell walls. A dietary habit including those nutrients helps you restore cell walls and prevent dehydration. The best sources from which you can get these nutrients are nuts such as sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed as well as almond and Brazil nut. Tomato, spinach and sea vegetable are among the other good sources.  These nutrients help to feed the areas affected by cellulite and remove contaminants away from these areas.

Walls of our arteries, veins, capillaries will greatly benefit from such dietary habits.

Don’t Be Dehydrated
Drinking good quality water is vital for cellular activities. Drink 2 liter of water per day, and stop drinking coffee, beverages and alcohols as these are all diuretics, leaving toxic remnants and keeping cells dehydrated.

Restore elasticity of your skin through nutrients

Vitamin C, zinc and silicate improve the elasticity of our body as a whole.  Whole foods are always a better source than supplements as our body can easily absorb nutrients from these foods. Many of the vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamin C. Zinc is abundantly found in pumpkin and watermelon seed, Brazil nut and dead-nettle. Oat, cucumber and other vegetables are rich in silicate. Basic fats in the raw seeds, nuts and cold extracted olive oil help our body to metabolize saturated, harmful fats that we might consume.

Keep Moving
Exercise is highly important to speed up the circulatory system, to increase body temperature and to ease sweating. Increasing the rate of the circulatory system helps transport nutrients to required places and ease sweating and soften fats to be metabolized and eliminated by rising body temperature.

Rub Nutrients on Your Body
Rubbing some nutrients and foods on cellulite areas help circulation as well- especially spices like red pepper and ginger. Try to apply below mixtures to your body.

Red Pepper Flakes – Big Tangle Mash:
Mix 5 g (1 teaspoon) red pepper flake and 10 g (2 teaspoons) big tangle powder with sufficient olive oil and castor oil until a pasty consistency is obtained. Spread this mixture over a bandage and apply it with a hot tampon to be more effective on cellulite areas.

Note: Chili type pepper can burn the skin. Therefore, start with short-term applications and frequently check the area.

Ginger Bath:
Mix 2 tablespoon of freshly grated ginger or ginger powder with 1 cup of Epsom salt, then melt this mixture in a hot bath in 30 minutes. Start moving cellulite areas with cellulite brush.

Massage speeds up the circulatory system breaks and softens fibrous tissues which confine fats and toxins. Frequent massage on areas affected by cellulite and brushing these areas with a cellulite brush will show its positive effects in time.

Seaweed is highly nutritious and removes toxins from the body. Its many subtypes have a rich quantity of elements; these elements help to soften fibrous tissues. In order to speed up the circulatory system and prevent cellulite formation, frequently wrap your body with seaweed. You should also add seaweed to your diet.

Sauna and Far Infrared Sauna are highly effective in stopping cellulite. Fatty elements of cellulite become soft and begin to melt at high temperature, thus they can be easily metabolized in the body.

Consider cellulite as normal body fat. Cellulite gets into the body in the same way; so you can get rid of them in the same way. Healthy dietary habits, drinking plenty of water and doing exercise are the three most effective ways to fight cellulite. You can make this fight even more effective by complementary therapies such as massage, sauna and wrapping the body with useful mixtures. You should approach the discomforts on your body integrally.  When you take the control in your hand, you won’t need to hide your body ever again.