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Meditate to Defy Ageing and Stay Youthful

Across cultures, communities or gender, the search to find the secret to lasting youth and vitality is present since decades. The need to stay fit and delay aging for as long as possible fascinates many. Managing and controlling what we eat and exercising surely go a long way in maintaining a healthy body. However, maintaining the wellbeing of the mind, which controls all of our body’s complex functions, will deliver promising results. It is worthwhile to explore a more natural way to keep the body young and energetic.

How Mind Can Affect Body and Delay Aging
The way we think and respond or react to our immediate environment is completely determined by our mind. Right from our blood pressure, production of hormones and its level in our blood and stress responses greatly depends on the state of our mind. It would only be wise to divert efforts to taking care of our mental wellbeing to reap the benefits – appearing youthful despite the candles on your birthday cake!

The Anti-aging Meditation
Research now reveals that easing the mind and body in a relaxing, meditative state on a consistent basis can greatly reduce our physiological age from our actual chronological age. Many anti-ageing research findings indicate that deep meditation, practiced on a routine basis, dramatically affects production of three important age-affecting hormones: melatonin, DHEA and cortisol.

Meditation can increase melatonin by 98-300 per cent. Apart from being a sleep hormone, is an anti-ageing agent, immune-regulator, anti-depressant and antioxidant. It greatly helps to slow cell damage, keeps energy levels up.
Meditation can increase the production of DHEA by 44-90 per cent.
DHEA, a hormone that reduces as we grow older, is a powerful anti-ageing hormone and is a key determinant of our physiological age. It guards the body against disease, increases sexual libido, and maintains the youthfulness and virility of the body.
Meditation can decrease cortisol by 47 per cent. This hormone causes thinning in the skin and wrinkles among other harmful effects on cognitive health. Basically this hormone ages you quickly!

Countless studies indicate that meditation successfully help lower blood pressure and improves psychological well-being by reducing stress. Empowering ourselves with the healing power of meditation to manage and reduce the stress, present in our lives through either work or relationships or other situations, can go a long way in enjoying a youthful, illness-free life.

How to Start Mediation:
Including meditation in your daily is not difficult if you resolve to dedicate just 12-15 minutes to meditation. In fact, daily meditation of less than 20 minutes can help increase blood supply to the brain, thereby harmonizing the nervous system. This will ensure that the cells in our mind remain healthy and nourished thereby promoting the wellbeing of our body along with balancing hormone levels. Meditation is surely one of the simplest and the most accessible beauty trick that delivers wonderful results for the mind and body, along with offering the bonus of slowing down ageing process of the body.

Start now! Meditate and stay young.