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The Most Relaxing and Joyful Way To Get Free From Your Cellulites: Massage

Cellulite, ‘lipodystrophy’ as called in medicine, even if not seen as a disease alone, the information that we receive when look deep into the cellulite process and how it occurs, it reveals what lies behind; it can be a messenger of the malfunctions or illnesses in the body.

Cellulite can either be a result of the malfunctions such as hormonal imbalance or circulatory impairment which can bring various health conditions along with itself in the long or short terms, or it can be based on such factors as bad eating habits, overweight, slow metabolism, insufficient water intake, insufficient physical exercise, poor posture, emotional imbalances, etc. It is always to be remembered that all these factors are chained to each other. In other words, while insufficient water intake can result in circulatory impairment, a bad eating habit which includes consumption of the processed foods and refined fats can eventually lead to circulatory impairment and hormonal imbalance. Mental disorders caused by stress are centered in the root of the condition just as they are in every other health condition. And, massage, just like magic, has been used as one of the most effective and oldest methods to provide a well-balanced and peaceful integrity of the mind-body-soul for centuries.

Massage as an indispensable part of a healthy life is a miraculous method that offers solution to the cellulite. It stimulates the vessels, the nerves and the hormonal structure, and the cellular activity accelerates. The amount of fresh oxygen carried into the tissues increases with the help of accelerating circulation. it eases the elimination process of the toxic wastes accumulated within the tissues due to the regulation of the lymph and blood circulation. Thus, massage acts as an detoxifier.

It is quite a natural feeling to get worried about the abnormalities occurring out of body’s lost balance and deviation from its natural flow. Because, beauty lies within the balance. A cellulite massage, in this sense, which is applied regularly by professional hands and with the use of the natural essential oils will bring you relief and put a smile on your face both in aesthetic and health senses. Massage can cure the main reasons that lie behind cellulite by flushing toxins out of the body, supporting muscular development, blood and lymph circulation, and help fighting with stress while it gives back the skin its radiance and elasticity as well as provides healing in the orange peel appearance.

The local massage techniques that you can apply by yourself at home can also be very helpful in healing the appearance and improve the circulation when done regularly.

How do you give yourself a massage?
First of all, you can make a fresh start with a warm shower so that your pores gets opened and the moisture holding capacity increases. Decide what kind of cream or oil you want to apply to the affected area. There are numerous kinds of anti-cellulite creams in the market, however, while most of them contains synthetic chemicals and carcinogenic substances and some of them have no intention to heal the cellulite as it is told on their product packages or advertisements. Or, you can prepare your own handmade creme or oil with the organic ingredients and use it instead. To make an anti-cellulite oil mix, you can use one of the oils from among coconut oil, sesame oil, almond oil, wheat oil which are to be organic and cold-pressed, and blend your carrier oil with one or two essential oils. Specialist highly recommend lavender, orange, rosemary and peppermint essential oils in fighting with cellulite. Additionally, heating the oil a bit will help it be more effective and diffuse well into the skin.

Second step is to apply the oil that you have just heated a bit without delay onto the affected area; it is the best to apply the oil on the cellulite area while it’s still mildly wet right after the shower to be able to retain the moisture.

For legs and hips, start with rapid rubbings with circular motions from foot level up to knee and keep on rubbing till you warm up the area where you do the massage. Next step is to massage with circular motions always from the bottom to the top mildly pressuring on the surface with the knuckles of your fists. Followingly, softly knead your lower leg and then the upper leg with pinching-like strokes from the bottom to the top with the help of your thumb and index finger. Yet, you should be very soft and careful while doing that not to harm the tissue. Lastly, put rapid, medium-hard, rhythmic, intermittent knocks onto the area with your fists to send vibrations to the affected area. For the belly, knead your hand around the belly  with circular counter clockwise motions. Extreme squeezes or harsh strokes during a massage may cause the small capillary vessels under the skin of the affected areas, please keep that in mind.

As the last thing, if you really want to get free from your cellulites you can start from getting all the stress factors away from your (daily) life as much as possible, increase your stress tolerance and change your habits. And, while doing all these, always remember the healing, balancing and integrative effect of the massage in human life and hold on to it.