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How to Create Meditation Room at Home

If we have space in our homes for activities such as sleeping, eating and watching TV so why not have a space for physical and emotional well-being? When we don’t have a chance to join meditation retreats, we can create a meditation room at home. Having a space at home dedicated to meditation or yoga will encourage you to set aside time from your day and use it constructively for seeking inner peace and clarity.

The size of the room is not important but it is essential that the space is serene and relaxing creating the ideal space for your yoga or meditation practice.

Here are some tips that might help you create the idea space at home!

Choosing the location
Those who are lucky enough to have an exclusive room dedicated to their calm and relaxing time should ideally choose a spot that faces outdoor gardens or natural surroundings. If you need to create a space within a room that is already being used such as your living room or bedroom a small corner within the room  dedicated to your de-stress and wind-down  time would be fine.

Hanging a poster or a painting of soothing scenery will make you feel closer to nature. In addition your room should be a quiet space away from noise if it’s possible.

Decorating the space
Most yoga and meditation practitioners recommend keeping the space clutter free and minimalist. The logic being that a clean distraction free environment will help calm your mind. Incorporating cushions, rugs, subtle accents of flowers or decorative potted plants will surely create a sense of soothing and softness.

When setting up your space pay attention to the lighting as well. A room that has a lot of natural light can be combined with light sheer curtains or if  you prefer a low lit space you can incorporate dimmer lamps to help lull your senses into a relaxing state.

Keep distractions like mobile phones, tablets and other gadgets away from your meditation space. The idea is to create a quiet and peaceful environment for an enriching meditation session.

Connect with nature
Nature and its elements are inherently relaxing and healing. While it may not be always  possible to mediate in a natural environment adding flowers or a few plants to your relaxing space will help create a more peaceful and harmonising environment.

Music for the senses
The main focus should be on soothing sounds – the ocean waves, birds singing or the sound of wind or wind chimes. Playing soothing music in the background will drown out distractions around the house. Ensure that the track you opt for is long enough to play through the entire meditation session or play them on loop to avoid interruption.

Infusing the meditation space with the soothing aroma of essential oils will have a profound effect on your senses. Plant extracted essential oils such as lavender, chamomile, peppermint, and sandalwood. Burning scented candles and incense or heating oils will help eliminate stress and make a great addition to your meditation session.

A nicely decorated done room with soothing accents and soft lighting will make your meditation sessions more special easing your mind and preparing your body to absorb all the healing benefits of your yoga or meditation sessions.