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Top Myths and Facts about Yoga for Body Detox

The yoga practice is prevalent in different parts of the world. For one, it helps you lose weight and become physically fit. It also fosters emotional and psychological well-being. This form of exercise is indeed proven beneficial for overall health and well-being.

But did you know that yoga helps detoxify your body? Performing poses, stretching, and twisting organs appear to help release toxins in the body. However, some misconceptions are circulating about this claim. The truth is, yoga only aids in the detoxification process in your body. This mind-and-body exercise doesn’t directly detoxify your body.

This page debunks the common myths about yoga for body detoxification. Keep on reading to learn more about the truths behind it.

Debunking the Misconceptions about Yoga for Body Detox

It’s common to hear yoga teachers ask clients to stretch further, breathe longer, and sweat harder. They usually claim that doing so will detoxify the body.

So it begs the question: does yoga really trigger the body detoxification process?

Let’s take a look at some common myths about yoga for body detox and debunk them:

Myth #1. Yoga squeezes body muscles and organs, thus releasing toxins.

Master yoga teacher BKS Iyengar popularized the idea of yoga for body detoxification. He introduced the squeeze and soak theory, claiming that twisting can detox the body.

Iyengar figured that stretching and compressing the spine causes the squeezing of the muscles and organs. They then allow the toxin-filled blood to flow and release the toxins in the body.

While the idea appears to make sense, there’s no scientific evidence to back this claim. The detoxification process doesn’t work that way. In fact, the human body is and will continue to detox, with or without yoga.

Myth #2. Yoga only releases toxins in waste products.

It’s no secret how essential body detoxification is. Detox entails cleansing your body by eliminating toxic substances. These substances get accumulated over time through food and drink consumption, air pollution, radiation, and even body stress. 

Some believe that yoga allows the release of toxins in waste products through constant sweating. However, Dr. Pam Peake, the national spokesperson of the American College of Sports Medicine, said that only one percent of toxins get eliminated from the body.

He continued that excessive sweating can even lead to water loss in the body. It can be even more harmful than the release of toxins. Hence, stay hydrated when performing physical activities, including yoga.

Myth #3. Yoga directly causes liver detox

The liver is the primary organ in the body responsible for detoxification. It works by filtering what we eat and drink. It also separates the nutrients and waste products in the body. Lastly, it helps digest our foods and drinks.

However, some believe that yoga directly causes liver detoxification. They think that when you perform poses and stretches, the liver gets squeezed and releases toxins in the body.

The truth is that the liver will still perform its job without yoga. However, as with any other physical exercise, it can help your body perform its optimal function.

Myth #4. Yoga is a mere physical exercise for body detox

Some believe that yoga is a mere form of physical exercise and works only for body detoxification. The truth is, it involves the mind and the body. In fact, there’s such a thing as spiritual detox achieved through this practice.

Matt Scarfo, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Resident Training & Nutrition Expert Lift Vault, said that “there’s more to yoga than meets the eye. It improves your physical mobility and flexibility; it also calms your mind.

He continued, ” spiritually, it helps you achieve balance and harmony.” As such, they continue to incorporate yoga sessions into their workout plans.

Yoga Session 1

Learning the Truth & Facts about Yoga for Body Detox

Now, we’ve debunked the myths about yoga for body detoxification. Let’s further expound on some truths about this, as follows:

Fact #1. Yoga helps activate the natural detox systems

Yoga doesn’t directly detoxify your body; it merely helps the detox systems work. These systems include the liver, digestive organ, and kidney. They filter the toxins in the body and eliminate these waste products through sweat, urine, and feces.

As with any physical exercise, yoga helps your body function. It allows your systems and organs to do their jobs, including the natural detox systems.

Fact #2. Yoga helps boost the body's metabolism and excretion

As mentioned, yoga helps your body function properly. Besides triggering your natural detox systems, it stimulates your metabolism and excretion. This idea holds true for all other physical exercises.

Brett Larkin, Founder & CEO of Uplifted Yoga, said that “Yoga allows you to sweat out more. However, we suggest that you stay hydrated. That will let you urinate and eliminate waste products as well.”

Fact #3. Yoga helps release muscle tensions and stimulate body circulation

Another benefit of yoga is how it releases tensions in the body. For instance, the vertebral discs in your spine tend to compress as you grow older due to aging and gravity.

Twisting and stretching help release the tensions in that area and create a healthier spine. These can also apply to the muscles of the abdomen and ribcage.

In addition, yoga helps stimulate circulation in the body. When everything is in proper circulation, your body organs and systems will work at their best. Thus, it can lead to the detoxification process in your body.

In fact, John Gardner, Co-Founder & CEO of Kickoff, said that their workout programs help address body tensions and boost body circulation. “That’s why we customize workout plans designed just right for you…and that includes yoga.”

Final Words

At this point, we’ve debunked some common misconceptions about yoga for body detoxification. Most importantly, we’ve learned the truths behind it. As such, consider the valuable pieces of information discussed above.

While it doesn’t directly release toxins in your body, the yoga practice aids in the detoxification process. It helps activate your detox systems and boosts your metabolism and excretion. It also helps release your muscle tension and stimulate your body circulation.

With the above mentioned  detoxification benefit, you have good reasons to start or continue practicing yoga. For a sound mind and body, yoga is perfect for you!