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Kathleen’s 21 Day Water Fast Journey @ TheLifeCo Phuket

Kathleen is here enjoying her second TheLifeCo detox experience. Her first time at TheLifeCo Bodrum was in February 2018, and she had such a great experience on the Green Juice program that she decided to fly all the way to Thailand to join us again, but this time she really pushed the boundaries and decided to do a 21 day water fast program!

Fortunately, Kathleen has generously agreed to share her experience with all of us. And now, we find ourselves gazing out at the serene lake nestled in the heart of the center, enveloped by vibrant green trees and a clear blue sky without a single cloud in sight. Meet Kathleen Jones: a 53-year-old entertainment producer hailing from California.

What was your main motivation for 21 day water fast?

As I am cancer “thriver” and I wanted to really clean out my body and train my cells to continue being my wonderful cellular police force against any invaders or unnecessary things in my body. I also wanted to reboot my mind for 21 days to understand the importance of a water diet so I can make it a part of my weekly and yearly health maintenance.

What were your desired results and 21 day water fast benefits?

After 21 day water fast at TheLifeCo Phuket, I expected to totally reboot my cellular cleaning system and get to know my “cells” again. I spoke with them every day, build a new relationship with my little army inside keeping me healthy.

How were your first 72 hours? What was the hardest part of fasting?

The first 3 days were the most difficult but after 3 days, I knew in the back of my mind I would do 21 day water fast but I didn’t put pressure, my next jump was 7 days, after that, it was easy to get to 10 days, then 14 days….

First 14 days my energy was a little low, but didn’t stop me from exercising every day and working full time. The decision to jump from 14 days to 21 days took a bit of meditation, but I knew in my heart 21 was the number for me, so I went for it.

How were your energy levels, mood, emotional and mental state?

The energy level was great throughout… after saunas, it went down a bit, but in general, I felt positive and good. The mental state was amazing throughout. 

What did you crave the most?

I craved the food at TheLifeCo 🙂 Probably because I saw it each day… Everything they server here just looked amazingly healthy and tasty. I didn’t crave any crap food at all.

How did you cope with your hunger?

I didn’t feel hungry… It was very odd. Only on the last 3 days did my tummy start to grumble a bit…

How was your sleep quality?

Better than usual but I do have sleep issues in general. I was dreaming a lot and sleeping enough.

What activities did you participate in daily?

I did a few classes a day and saunas, and of course, worked full time. I went to the beach every morning and walked from 7:45 – 9:30 and then swam from 9:30 – 10:30… sometimes I went back to the beach and walked another 1.5 hours in the evening.

Did you do colon therapies?

Just Angel of Water (colema) most days and two colon hydrotherapy sessions per week.

Which therapies helped you the most during 21 day water fast?

Tenzin’s classes, saunas, yoga and meditation sessions!…

How much weight you have lost?

I haven’t weighed myself in 30 years, no idea! I’m guess I’ve lost 15 – 20 pounds during 21 day water fast.

How did you feel when you were breaking your fast?

Good, it’s day three and I feel back to normal energy… The first 2 days were a little slower, but I feel back.

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