Raw-Vegan Sushi

A short and simple recipe of delicious raw-vegan sushi. 10 minutes to prepare at home !

We love raw vegan sushi! It is healthy and delicious.
What are the ingredients?
-Cauliflower rice:
250 g cauliflower
100 g cashews
2 table spoon nutritional yeast
1 pich salt
All of the ingredients are mixed in food processor, until the consistency of rice.
Mandolin carrot
Mandolin cucumber
Finely chopped capya pepper
Nori leaves
Putting 80 g of cauliflower rice and vegetables into the nori and wrapped. Serve with ginger
pickle,wasabi and tamari.

Gonca Yarımer

Program Coordinator, Content Manager

Gonca Yarımer

Gonca’s first introduction to the holistic well-being world occurred through a documentary production focused on native American-Indian’s authentic and holistic lifestyle in healing. Following this project, she has invited to their particular ‘’Healing Retreats’’ and welcomed to join many fasting/healing programs together. After being impressed and inspired by native American-Indian’s authentic and holistic lifestyle in healing, Gonca has developed her personalised healing path as she pursued related training. She joined many certificate programs such as Theta Healing, Usuki Reiki and Life Coaching, alongside plant-based nutritional diets and cleansing programs. In 2014, she joined TheLifeCo family, consulting TheLifeCo guests and overseeing and managing TheLifeCo’s programs on their holistic well-being journey.