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Why Should We Detox?

Would you like to be as energetic as when you were young, or to look 10 years younger? Doing a ‘detox’ can cleanse countless toxic substances accumulating in your body and sets the stage that you need for adopting healthy habits. Detox is the cleansing of your body!

Sources of Toxic Substances

  • Foods and Drinks: processed foods, caffeine drinks and sweet snack foods
  • Air Pollution: Exhaust smoke, cigarette smoke, fog caused by coal burning and industrial fumes.
  • Radiation: Computer, television and cell phones
  • Stress: prevents the body to absorb food, rest and repair itself.

Our Body is Wise

Our body first targets toxic substances in the vital organs and stores the toxic substances that could not be removed away from these organs. Our health deteriorates as the level of toxic substances in our body elevates. These toxic substances disturb our digestive system and energy generation, weaken our immune system and cause diseases such as cancer emerging due to the degeneration in the internal structure of the body.

Our Body Cleanse Itself in Seven Different Ways:

The liver is the ‘control center’ of toxic removal function. It processes toxic substances and forwards them through different channels to be excreted.

  • Lymphatic system that collects waste from the cells and conveys them to required places.
  • Intestines that transforms solid wastes into a stool and removes them from the body.
  • Kidneys that filter and remove acidic wastes in the urine.
  • The liver, the control center of detoxing that process wastes and aggregates them into channels to remove them from the body.
  • Lungs that filter and clean the air we breathe.
  • Sinuses that are the primary channel for expectoration.
  • Skin that regulates body temperature and when other channels are full, it helps to dispose of acidic wastes and others from the body.

Stomach – Our Last Resort

In the detox process, acidic wastes, the byproducts of diets where meat, milk product are consumed too much are removed from the cells. As our stomach is the only organ that can resist acid, it turns into acid garbage that these wastes accumulate. The reason for the sickness we feel after a heavy diner and a drinking night is this acid accumulation.

How Can We Help Our Body During Detox?

  • Detox is a difficult process for our body and the more we help our body the easier it can overcome this process.
  • The nutrition that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables provides the energy we need as well as generating less waste.
  • Active circulatory system and deep breaths we take when we exercise enable more oxygen and nourishment to be transported to cells.
  • During sweating, pores are opened and cleaned.
  • Taking deep breaths ensures that acidic wastes are removed through the lungs.
  • Moving our muscles supports the lymphatic system to remove foreign substances. It helps stools passing through the intestines. An inactive lifestyle leads acidic wastes to be removed much slowly and damages our health.

If your body is supported as it should be, it gets rid of toxins, rests, repairs itself and thus helps us to attain a more energetic and healthier lifestyle and clear mind as well as better emotional balance. A detox and cleanse program that you will follow twice a year can help you to set the stage to build a healthier, more productive and enjoyable life.