Covid and Chronic Diseases Relationship

As TheLifeCo we value your well being above all else. During these difficult times, we have gathered the following articles showing Covid-19 risk factors based on chronic diseases.

Articles and Researches

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Living in a Post Covid World

Many people who contract COVID-19 recover from their illness within several weeks. Some might still be experiencing symptoms months later. After COVID-19, there is a variety of new, returning, and ongoing health issues people may be experiencing for up to four weeks after they were initially exposed to the coronavirus that caused them.

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Philip Chia


Philip Chia

Dr Philip Lun Kee Chia has been practising integrative medicine since 2004. His parents were Chinese Medical Doctors, so it was an easy transition for him to grasp the differences between conventional medical practice and alternative medical practice. He holds a diplomate certification in Family Medicine and is a Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians. He is a board-certified medical acupuncturist and a certified therapist on Dorn Spinal Alignment Method. His diverse exposure to the different healing arts of holistic medicine spans from the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Anthroposophic Medicine, Dorn Spinal Alignment Method, Regenerative, Anti-aging Medicine and Functional Medicine.

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