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Detox Your Mind & Body (30.June - 07.July)

Do you ever feel like your mind is racing? Like your nerves are frayed, your energy has sapped or your thoughts are foggy? Do you suffer from sleeplessness, anxiety, depression or just a sense that things could be better? In this 7-day retreat, participants will join group lectures by various experts, learn and enhance daily meditation practices and receive personal guidance through private mindfulness consultations and therapies.

The Mindful Living Retreat in Phuket is set in a perfect tranquil lakeside environment. Combining an extensive mindful living program taught by experienced professionals integrated with the signature detox and nutrition programs of The LifeCo. 

Let's Get to Know Tenzin Josh

Features of the Mindful Living Program

Coping With & Succeeding in the Modern World

Mindful Living & Optimal Nutrition retreat's mission is to help individuals to develop skills that will empower them to handle and cope with modern life which disturbs our physical and mental well-being. We achieve this through being aware of them, establishing harmony among different roles, developing & increasing productivity while reducing stress, having effective communication, freeing the creative mind and effective techniques on how to ‘work’ and ‘function’ consciously. Our 4 year old program provides a set of graduated lectures, activities, workshops along with yoga, meditation and physical and mental detoxification programs. Thus, allowing individuals to restore their physical, mental, spiritual presence as well as helping them to adopt a different perspective and standpoint to themselves and life itself.

Blending CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and Zen Buddhism

The LifeCo's Mindful Living training uses the DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) technique as a base. This focuses on the enhancement and practice of 4 sets of elementary behavioural skills; Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Emotional Regulation & Interpersonal Effectiveness. Taking the 360° approach in all its healing and well-being modules, The LifeCo'sway of mental wellness is supported by a calming environment, real nutrition, supportive therapies and treatments along with activities and workshops. In such a waycreating the ideal place to improve behavioural skills and mental peace.

Detox & Optimal Nutrition as Part of the Mindful Living Program

Why Detox?

A detox intervention is a modern technique that is necessary for everyone to effectively detoxify from the pollution, processed foods, toxic relationships, chemicals and many other factors that we are exposed in our everyday lives. The LifeCo’s result-proven detox and healthy nutrition programs are leaving guests effectively detoxified in a short duration. The participants in the Mindful Living Retreat will also be subscribed to one of these signature detox and nutrition programs, to address the needs of the body, mind and spirit in a collective way. A healthy mind comes with a healthy body, and the right nutrition along with cleansing treatments will create the optimal environment and conditions for enhancing the body, mind and spirit.

Cleansing Benefits

  • Detoxification
  • Prevention of Diseases
  • Healthy Cellular Renewal
  • Weight Loss
  • Balanced Blood Pressure and Sugar Levels
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Improved Sleep
  • Mental Clarity
  • Improved Digestive System

At the End of The Program, You Will Have Achieved

  • More happiness and flow in your life
  • Dramatic reduction in stress and anxiety
  • A greater sense of inner-peace and tranquillity
  • Improved mental, emotional and physical well-being
  • Heightened spirituality and a better connection with reality
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Better, more restful and refreshing sleep
  • Optimal focus, concentration and memory

The Following are Included in the Retreat

  • Accommodation
  • Detox Program
  • Mindful Living Program (Daily Lectures, 1 on 1 sessions, Meditation, Workshops)
  • Daily Colon Cleansing (Angel of Water)
  • Daily Nutrition plan (Including schedules meals, juices, supplements and shots)
  • 1 x Massage Therapy (Per Week)
  • Daily use of Turbosonic Vibration Therapy
  • Yoga Group Class (2 times a day)
  • Mindful Beach Walk (Every Morning)
  • 1 x Doctor Consultation
  • 1 x Nutrition & Diet Coaching Session
  • Food and Diet Workshops
  • Ketogenic Food Course (1 time a week)
  • Nutrition Q&A Session
  • Dr.Thomas Lodi - 'School of Life' Presentation & Talks
  • Use of SPA including Infrared Sauna and Steam Room)
  • Swimming Pools & Gym Access
  • Shuttle Service to/from Beach Bar

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Mindful Living Program Flow

Day 1 – Being in the Present Moment

  • Mindful Walking – (practice)
  • Peace Lives in the Present (training)
  • Wandering Mind (workshop)
  • Body & Mind Awareness (workshop)
  • Body Scan Meditation (closing meditation)

Day 2 – No Judgement

  • Five Sense Walking (practice)
  • Mindfullness Skills (training)
  • No Judgementally (workshop)
  • Thought Defusion (workshop)
  • Mindful Meditation (closing meditation)

Day 3 - Acceptance

  • Loving Kindness Meditation (practice)
  • Resistance & Radical Acceptence (training)
  • Resistance Practice (workshop)
  • Radical Acceptance (workshop)
  • Wise Mind Meditation (closing meditation)

Day 4 – Observing & Emotions

  • Mindfullness Awareness of the emotions (practice)
  • Emotions (training)
  • Change Unwanted Emotions (workshop)
  • Reducting Vulnerability (workshop)
  • Letting Go (closing meditation)

Day 5 - Grounding

  • Paired Muscle Relaxation (practice)
  • Distress Tolerance (training)
  • Distract with Wise Mind ACCEPTS (workshop)
  • Improve the moment (workshop)
  • Self-Sooth with Five Senses (closing meditation)

Day 6 - Validation

  • Validation and Forgivnes Meditation (practice)
  • Assertiveness (training)
  • Experiencing Validation (workshop)
  • Three Chairs: Passive-Aggressive- Assertive (workshop)
  • Who am I & Validation Meditation (closing meditation)

Day 7 - Gratitude

  • Loving Kindness Meditation (practice)
  • Resistance & Radical Acceptence (training)
  • Resistance Practice (workshop)
  • Radical Acceptance (workshop)
  • Wise Mind Meditation (closing meditation)

Meet the Instructors


Güliz Altınbaşak

Güliz Altınbaşak managed “Increasing Awareness Level of Parent and Children in Eastern of Turkey” project as Psychologist and Trainer, contucted research and provided training in more than ten cities in Turkey. Altinbasak was Country Manager on “Raising Awareness Level and Upgrading Living Conditions of Disadvantages Groups” in Norway, Slovenia, Azerbaijan, and Spain. Altınbaşak worked as Psychologist at Maltepe High Security Prison and Avrupa Şafak Hospital on addiction. Altınbaşak worked with children who are under the risk of commit a crime at TCYOV Foundation. Altınbaşak gave presentations of her own researches on “17. National Psychology Congress” in Istanbul and “VIII Ibero American Congress of Clinical and Health Psychology Congress” in Puerto Rico.



Tenzin Josh

One of the most qualified meditation teachers in the UK with over 30 years’ experience including15 years as a Buddhist monk in the monastery of HH with the Dalai Lama. Meditation practice: 3 years pre-study - solitary meditation in the mountains above Dharamsala. During studies various retreats inluding 3 months in Vispassana, Burma. And a range ofretreats in Thailand, Sri Lanka and India. Teaching: Led Over 30 retreats at Tushita Meditation centre in Dharamsala and taugh courses inThailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Israel, Nepal, India and the UK. He started his own centre in Brighton UK in 2000 on the advice of HH Dalai Lama which ran for nearly 10 years and closed in 2011 due tolosing the lease on the premises. Other studies: Numerous teachings received at feet of HH Dalai Lama as well asKyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche,Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, Lati Rinpoche, Ribur Rinpoche, Dema Lochoe Rinpoche, Chokyi Rinpoche and numerous other Lamas.


Ersin Pamuksüzer

Founder of The LifeCo, Ersin Pamuksuzer started inspiring people around him by the total lifestyle change he went through 15 years ago. Coming from a conventional business lifestyle background loaded with distress, Pamuksuzer noticed the neglect in his physical and mental health and changed his lifestyle to feel happier, healthier and stronger. Today, he is holding talks and lectures on 360° healing philosophy to inspire other people in need of better well-being in life. Not as en expert, but as a wounded healer, Mr.Pamuksuzer will hold talks and workshops during the Mindful Living & Optimal Nutrition retreat in Phuket.

Accommodation Options

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