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5 Face Lifting Exercises at Home to Fight Wrinkles and Ageing Lines

Just like your body needs to move a little and run a little to stay toned and firm, the same is with your facial muscles too. We aren’t asking you to go hardcore in tightening the facial muscles, but a little regular workout for the face would do wonders. Here are a 5 right facial exercises to bid goodbye to loose sagging face skin and achieve a firmer and toned one. Please read on and stop opting or looking for quick fixes, as the latter could do more harm than good. Face-lifting is the best natural anti-aging treatment you could gift yourself.

1. A Little Neck Stretch aka Giraffe Pose for Neck – Would you like the neck lines to be firm and smooth? Here’s your chance at getting that manifested, without a quick fix or surgery. Also known as the Giraffe pose, this is an exercise that works to remove wrinkles that come with age and loose skin on the neck. To begin with you would need to look straight at a wall; your eyes should be perpendicular and straight on a spot on the wall, and to the ground. Now place your finger tips at the end or the bottom of your neck. Give it a light stroke and tug the skin downwards, tilting your head backwards. Slowly bring your head to your chest and repeat thrice. Finally, expand your lower lip outwards as much as possible so as to allow the corners of the lips droop down. Place your finger now on your collarbone and keep the chin pointed upwards. Hold a count to five and repeat twice.

2. Firmer Cheeks With the Blowfish Pose – Ever seen what a blowfish deep down in the ocean does when it feels threatened? It swells up with a pouty stance on its mouth. We shall encourage you to enact and emulate the same pose, which helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin situations. The exercise is very easy to do and will surely give you a younger looking skin. You first take in a good amount of air into your mouth, and shut it tight. Now emulate a blowing action outwards without opening your lips. While doing that, allow your tongue inside to move from right to left, and left to right. Slowly exhale and repeat ten times, until you feel the pressure on your cheeks and the lips.

3. Firming the Eye Area by Deep Breathing – As we age, it is but natural that the eye zone gets covered with wrinkles and crow feet. There’s nothing much we can do to completely reverse the signs of ageing, but we can slow it down for sure. To firm the eye area, we shall begin by placing our palms near the outer eye zone or the lower temple areas on our face. We shall breathe in deep and with a gentle tug, pull the skin around the eyes backwards towards the temples. Hold on to this pose for five counts and gently release, keeping your breathing normal. Repeat ten times and gently massage the area.

4. Achieve Tighter Skin Around Eyes and Chin By Fish Face Pose – One of the easiest ways to reduce wrinkles and fine lines would be emulating the pose of a fish. The pouty effect helps with blood circulation around the eyes and the cheeks, and also pulls up the skin around the chin area too. For this pose you would need to stand in front of the mirror. Now suck your cheeks in, as much as you can. Squint your eyes to make it a fun-filled exercise regime if you wish, but don’t forget to pout your lips outwards. Hold for five seconds and then gently release, keeping your breathing normal. Repeat five times and you are on your way to reducing your age by 5 years!

5. Tighten Neck Muscles with The Seizure Pose – Not that we want anyone to suffer from seizures, but if you have noticed patients suffering from seizures you would have seen how their lips expand and their neck skin stretches or tightens up in an ebb and flow. For this pose you would need to take a deep breath and focus on the neck muscles. Stretch your lips wide to show off your teeth, gently twisting the lip muscles on either side. Keep your breathing regime normal and pull or stretch your neck skin up and down, using the neck muscles. Hold the pose for ten seconds and repeat twice or thrice. This exercise helps fight aging in neck muscles.

We hope these five easy exercises bring to you a laugh too, since they a little funny to do. However, the benefits of the exercises when done regularly would give you freedom from signs of aging. Stay beautiful, stay young!